Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speaker: Clifford Lynch
Title: Cloud Architectures and Cultural Memory

Keynote Speaker: Christian Verstraete
Title: Cloud Computing, beyond the Hype, a Vehicle for Innovation

Keynote Speaker: Marshall Breeding
Title: Cloud Computing: A New Generation of Technology Enables Deeper Collaboration

Keynote Speaker: Clifford Lynch
Title: Cloud Architectures and Cultural Memory

The emergence of cloud-based architectures and information services are changing the nature and contents of our cultural record, and simultaneously altering the framework within which our memory organizations can manage and provide access to this record. Of course, many of these issues are not unique to memory organizations but are echoed across all types of government or corporate settings where substantial data and information resources are made available to the public.

In this talk, I’ll explore some of the challenges of provisioning various types of access and use of cultural materials in meaningful ways, and ways in which cloud storage and computational utilities interact with these challenges. Current debates about issues such as how to effectively implement emerging national policies about open access to data and publications resulting from government funding within the scholarly world offer an interesting case studies of some of these issues. I will look at some of the potential roles of storage clouds and cloud storage as infrastructure for memory organizations
These developments are coupled in ways that are more complex than generally recognized today: the patterns of connectivity and peering among underlying networks establish new borders and privileged pathways for the various groups who want to make use of computational intensive tools to analyze cultural materials. National consumer broadband policy and deployment is also a significant factor in access to these resources; telecommunications and networking market evolution and market failures may require libraries to take on new or expanded roles in facilitating access.
I’ll also briefly examine a few of the developments that are reshaping cultural memory and our ability to capture and preserve it, such as the recent attempt to migrate from desktop software to software as a cloud service in both consumer and commercial marketplaces, and the continued evolution of social media platforms.

Keynote Speaker: Christian Verstraete
Title: Cloud Computing, beyond the Hype, a Vehicle for Innovation

In an ever more digital world, cloud computing has appeared as a new way of doing things for IT. But is it just that or is it a fundamental transformation of the role of IT in business? Isn’t IT slowly becoming the way business is done? In his keynote, Christian will discuss how the combination of cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data is transforming fundamentally our lives and our way of doing business. Beyond just doing IT differently, it opens up new opportunities for business people and opens up brand new avenues of innovation. Using real examples, Christian will illustrate the tremendous opportunities technology provides today and in the near future.

Keynote Speaker: Marshall Breeding
Title: Cloud Computing: A New Generation of Technology Enables Deeper Collaboration
In recent years cloud computing has taken hold as a new paradigm for computing and finds increased use in settings such as higher education and in libraries. Cloud and Web-based computing fits well with the strategic priorities of these institutions, allowing them to focus on more meaningful technology-based services rather than tending to lower-level hardware and software infrastructure. Further, cloud computing provides a foundation for business and information systems powered by shared knowledge bases or other operational data sets. Breeding will use examples from the academic library arena to illustrate the positive impact that cloud computing offers to information management.